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84 opaque minutes without goal: what happened to Lautaro?

84 opaque minutes without goal: what happened to Lautaro?

Definitely not a period for Lautaro Martinez. The 1-1 in the derby against Milan showed a troubled and not very lucid Toro at the moment of placing his paw, as evidenced by the missed penalty at half an hour. But in addition to the error from the eleven meters, the Argentine has collected 84 opaque minutes, without flashes and full of wrong supports and turnovers until the substitution in favor of Sanchez. A tarnished Toro in the goal zone was seen again as for a month and a half now, when he scored for the last time on action with the Nerazzurri shirt: it was September 25 and Lautaro signed the momentary 1-0 over Atalanta, then the goal from a penalty against Sassuolo and the beginning of a fast that lasts.
The Argentine championship had started in the best way, with the beauty of five centers in the first six outings. Then something got jammed. The feeling with the goal was abruptly interrupted in conjunction with the return to Milan after the second stop for the national teams. From that moment, only subdued performances, blunders, substitutions (three against Juve, Empoli and Sheriff) and a haul limited to one assist from the Olimpico match against Lazio, that of the only k.o. remedied so far in the league by Inter. In terms of numbers, the match against the Rossoneri confirmed the negative trend: for the Argentine in all four shots, a cross, a bank, a failed dribbling and eleven turnovers, a sign of an evident fogging that not even the recent renewal of contract managed to wipe out.


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