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After the covid, the bars are entrusted to Barcelona

After the covid, the bars are entrusted to Barcelona

Catalonia has been one of the Autonomous Communities in which the restrictions to contain the covid have been stricter. In fact, the bars were not fully open until just a week ago. Until Friday, October 15, the limitations had marked the day-to-day life of these establishments. Therefore, it is the first BarcelonaReal Madrid with the restoration at full capacity since the health crisis was declared.
The last Classic dates from April and was in Madrid . At that time, the bars of Catalonia could not even open the blind. The game was at 9:00 p.m. and there was a curfew at 10:00 p.m. In addition, the capacity limitations and the number of diners per table were very rigid. The result, blinds completely closed and boxes to zero. There was no other option. Looking ahead to Sunday, the outlook is very different.
The bars in Catalonia are already preparing to vibrate again with a Barcelona-Madrid as always, with everything full and with a dedicated audience. But restorers warn that the poor track record of Koeman’s outfit may play a role. After the COVID crisis , which seems to be coming to an end, the problem now is the team’s departure. Three owners of different bars in Barcelona , where seeing Barcelona has become a tradition for customers, agree that the important thing now is for Koeman’s team to win again, to excite and engage the fans.
Beyond the team’s march, the Classics on Sunday will already be normal . Only the masks will show that the pandemic is still going on. But the Camp Nou and the bars may be one hundred percent.


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