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Aguero: “Which player doesn’t want to be at FC Barcelona?”

Aguero: “Which player doesn’t want to be at FC Barcelona?”

Aguero wanted and wants to be at  FC Barcelona . In an interview with ‘El País’, the Argentine striker reaffirmed his desire to succeed dressed as a player of  FC Barcelona and is not far from regretting having signed this summer. Not even after the departure of his friend Leo Messi. “Let’s be honest. What player doesn’t want to be at FC Barcelona? I would tell you that most footballers would like to wear this shirt, even if  FC Barcelona is good or bad. I arrived with the expectation of playing with Leo and that a good team would be put together, which was what the club tried to do. When they called me I thought: ‘I don’t care what they pay me. I get well and I’m going to help the team as much as I can’ “, Aguero indicated.

Aguero: “Which player doesn’t want to be at FC Barcelona?”

The Argentine forward came with the idea of playing alongside Leo Messi, so his departure was a ‘shock’ for him: “It was a moment of shock. He was very bad. When I found out I couldn’t believe it. That Saturday I was To see his house. And, because of my personality, since I didn’t see him well, I tried to make him forget what had happened. I saw that he was half off and I was trying to distract him. I told him about my eSports team. And things what we were doing”.
Thus, in sports, Kun Aguero wants to go little by little. He knows that he has just returned from injury and that he needs filming, but he is ready to help the team now, either from the bench or as a starter: “You can only consider yourself a starter when you do things well and help the team . If not, No. And that’s what I think about. To help the team with a goal every time I have to play. Beyond the changes that happened, among them is the departure of Leo. “
In addition, the Argentine also remembered his wonderful time in Manchester, where he made a name for himself and agreed with Guardiola: “I never had problems with Guardiola. I never argued with him. We did have to clarify things. When he arrived, as we did not know each other. “We had a bit of a trial run. The last three years were fantastic. Nothing to say. He is a coach who always wants the most.”


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