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Al Sadd: Xavi still has contract

Al Sadd: Xavi still has contract

Al Sadd sticks out his claws. It is an open secret that Xavi Hernández will shortly be Barcelona’s coach. Even Joan Laporta has confirmed that there are contacts. But there is a problem. The mythical midfielder has a contract with the Qatari club and, it seems, they are not particularly willing to let him go from one day to the next.
Mundo Deportivo has informed this Friday afternoon of an agreement for the termination of the coach. Faced with such information, Al Sadd himself has issued a statement on Twitter to deny the rumors and close the door? club and is fully focused on the team’s next games, to maintain our leadership at the top of the league and defend the title. “
But, in addition, an Al Sadd spokesman, Ahmed Al Ansari, on Twitter has written: “There is no official offer on the table from either party. Any club that has a bit of professionalism is supposed to negotiate with the other side if he wants a player or coach who has a contract.
If the insinuations of Al Sadd on the social network are true, Xavi could not make effective his wish to be announced this weekend as Barcelona coach and join the first team training next Thursday. For that day he plans to travel to Barcelona and put himself at the orders of the squad as soon as possible. Until then, he would continue his coaching work in Qatar.
However, this message could be a turn of events. It was taken for granted that Xavi, at the latest in the international break, would be Barcelona’s coach. But the hours pass and Al Sadd, far from staying on the sidelines, sends a direct message that their coach is not moving. The next chapter has a date: will the former midfielder arrive this coming Thursday or, on the contrary, will he have to renegotiate a more forced exit with his current club?


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