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Alaba reveals how Bayern signed him and Kroos replies: “It’s always the same trick

Alaba reveals how Bayern signed him and Kroos replies: “It’s always the same trick

The podcast that Toni Kroos has with his brother Felix, ‘Einfach mal Luppen’, is a bottomless pit of protagonists and anecdotes. This week David Alaba, Toni’s teammate, has passed through his microphones, first at Bayern and now at Real Madrid. The Austrian defender, signed this summer by the white club, recalled with the Kroos brothers his move to Munich at a youthful age.
At the age of 15 he had already been called up to play in the Austrian first division. “I also had offers to get a professional contract from Austria Vienna and other clubs in the first division in my country,” Alaba recalled. But fate turned out differently. “After that season I went to the Bayern subsidiary.” The center-back revealed the German club’s tactic to be able to tie him up: “I wanted to go to England and I already had offers there. But Bayern didn’t give up and told me: ‘Come and take a look.’ At that time it was Werner Kern ( former junior manager) who was in contact with my father. He picked us up at the airport and then we went to Säbener Strasse. From that point on, I immediately fell in love and made the decision relatively quickly. “
An episode that Toni Kroos was very familiar with. “Always the same trick, that’s what they did to me,” said the madridista, signed by Bayern at the age of 16. “It was also Werner Kern at the time. So they invited us, they sent us to the Bayerischer Hof hotel and then to watch the Champions League. You couldn’t say no anymore.”
As Alaba explains, the Austrian only wanted to turn his back on the Munich team if he could join only one club: Real Madrid. “There were many people who interpreted it in his way. I explained my point of view over and over again and explained my reasons,” were the words of the defender in this regard. “It is true that I also had other offers. But it was clear to me relatively early that, if I left Bayern Munich, there was only one club I wanted to go to,” underlined an Alaba who has not been slow to adapt to “the city and the team. It was all very positive. “
So much so that Kroos came to label Alaba as unfriendly. The reason was the level of Spanish that Alaba presents after only a few months in the Spanish capital. “When did you start learning Spanish? And don’t tell me now that you’ve only been there for two months,” Kroos joked. Alaba himself replied: “Yes, yes, I started at the hotel.” Kroos, between laughter, replied: “You know that the fact that you already master it so well is unpleasant to me.”
Alaba took advantage of the jokes to talk about Kroos’ new love for gyms. “In Munich I didn’t see you at the gym regularly. Well, let’s say I never saw you. In my first week in Madrid I saw him every day. I went to the Turkish bath and Toni came in. In the second week I saw him there with a giant exercise ball, doing sit-ups. I asked him what was wrong with him. In the third week I went to the Turkish bath and there he was again. With weights. I could no longer contain myself and I asked him: “Anton, what happened to you in the last seven years? “, concluded Alaba with a laugh.


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