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Allegri, not change winning formula

Allegri, not change winning formula

Against Zenit we saw the most convincing Juventus team of the season: the tactical analysis in view of future commitments.

And who knows that Juventus-Zenit on Tuesday evening not only handed over the man to put at the center of the project but also the project itself. The tactical one. The feeling is that a whole series of balances that until now seemed very unbalanced, can finally find a reason for being in the 4-4-2 front-wheel drive designed by Massimiliano Allegri in the last outing.

Chiesa, Bernardeschi, Locatelli and the others

A question of Faith, in the ward, for the occasion: with Chiesa shuffling the cards, one on one, starting with his head down and chest out. Bernardeschi on the opposite side: mobile, proactive, more inclined to assist. Their mobility served to give scope to the Juventus maneuver and offered Manuel Locatelli the opportunity to attempt the opening in a more ambitious, risky and captivating way. The former Sassuolo, together with Weston McKennie, has been a proactive and predominant midfielder as never (or almost never) has been seen in this new cheerful version of Juventus. Afterwards – net of the final blunder and the fortuitous stumbling block of the momentary draw, Leonardo Bonucci’s own goal also the defensive department did its part in terms of compactness and support. Team less frayed than usual, more organic movements.


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