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Clásico First referee:Sánchez Martínez

Clásico First referee:Sánchez Martínez

Last Monday José María Sánchez Martínez received one of those calls that leave you thinking for a long time: “the Barcelona Real Madrid on Sunday is yours”, in which it will be the fifth Clásico for the Murcian referee.
How does a referee prepare a game like this? Does your routine change? Do you study the players of both teams? The work of a referee in a week without a game, as this has been for Sánchez Martínez (a good footballer say those who have shared the playing field with him in his native Murcia), involves a lot of study and physical work as high-level athletes who are all the Spanish collegiate.
During the game you will be able to observe how Sánchez Martínez is placed in a certain place at each corner kick, at each foul and even at the time of running a counter. These different positions that he will adopt at the Camp Nou or in any other field, is due to the monitoring that all the referees do of how and where the players move, how they take a corner kick, open or closed, and all the details that are you can imagine.
The magic app
They do so through the InStat application, with which they can select the clips they want from all LaLiga teams and players. The study they do is in detail and they will be able to verify it during Barcelona Real Madrid. Each corner shooter has a different position for the referee.
Sánchez Martínez, like the rest of the referees, has to train during the week five days yes or yes, jobs that are monitored, varying the intensity and load of the effort. One day of training must be on a soccer field, as if it were going to whistle, so as not to lose contact with the green.
Each day they must send a questionnaire detailing the heart rate, as well as the sensations they have had throughout the day, in an attempt to have everything under control.
Sánchez Martínez and all his fellow referees must make a report of the match they have directed, which must be sent to the Technical Committee of Referees (CTA) 48 hours after the end. This report should be done without talking to anyone from the CTA. In turn, three reports are made for each party. One from the delegate who attends the field, another from a person who has seen it on television and a third from a member of the CTA (Velasco Carballo, Rubinos, Clos, Unidano or Masrisa Villa). And so in every game.
On Thursdays or Fridays of each week, the CTA gathers its members and examines what has been done by each and every member. They analyze the plays and set the standard to follow for the future in the face of plays that have been sanctioned in a failed way. As you can see, professionalized work.


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