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Coman links to Xavi‘s Barcelona

Coman links to Xavi‘s Barcelona

Kingsley Coman (13-6-1996), French winger for Bayern Munich, is one of the first names to appear linked to the future of Xavi’s Barça. Terrassa’s coach gives high priority to the game of extremes and, with the exception of Dembélé, he does not have that type of player at Barça.
Sport and TV3 reported this option throughout Friday and, in the Onze program, of Esport 3, it was specified that the player, who ends his contract with Bayern in June 2023, has already told Bayern that he does not want to renew, which could open the door to a sale in the summer of 2022. Coman is not a cheap player at all. According to the specialized website Transfermarkt, he has a value of 55 million euros.
At 25, Coman is a player with great prestige. Right-handed, but with good left-wing management too, he likes to play close to the left wing, where he makes his one-on-one good. His main handicap is injuries, because he understands the game much better than, for example, Dembélé. He recently stopped for a couple of weeks due to a small heart problem that forced him to undergo surgery. Nagelsmann spoke of “a small extra beat”, “a small cardiac arrhythmia” to which Bayern gave quite normality. but that he preferred to be in control. He reappeared recently, and even played 35 minutes in the tremendous defeat at Polkal (5-0) against Moenchengladbach.


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