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Griezmann goals again

Griezmann goals again

Griezmann is back. Now yes, definitive. The world champion Griezmann, the bronze Griezmann in the Ballon d’Or. The body arrived first, in that tachycardic closing of the market. The rest, however, did not accompany him. The physique, the head, the confidence. It was Griezmann but it was not Griezmann. Only for Simeone it was. That he put it despite his gray premiere (as a starter, by the way, against Espanyol). That he kept playing it despite the whistles. That he insisted despite the fact that the numbers of his first games, without passes, without goals, without assists, were more like Barça’s Griezmann than Atleti’s.
In Milan it began to appear. The one that Cholo expected. A goal. His first in the rojiblanca rentrée. It was September 28. Almost a month later, the rest were at Atleti. The Griezmann with the tailcoat over the overalls. That Griezmann who is so many footballers at the same time. With game, significance and ancestry in the goal. That every play he puts glitter on. The Griezmann of the cape with Simeone’s signature stamp. The Griezmann who so longed for him to leave. It took a month but, since then, he has been on a good streak. Good news to hold on to in this black October (from stop to stop only one win, with two losses and three draws) for some rojiblancos who, by the way, have stopped whistling.
Eleventh in minutes (729 at Atleti, where he missed the first three days because he was still from Barça), he is already second in the goal, with 5, behind Luis Suárez (8). An appointment that he has not stopped missing since he made that first one to Milan. Match by match. With four goals in the last five games. At Liverpool in the Metropolitan he scored two. Three days later, Levante in LaLiga. Against Betis he did not convert but he was, with assistance, as against Valencia, where he scored and gave it (to Suárez), in addition to participating in a key way in the play of Vrsaljko’s goal. Like before, like until he left. His position, free behind Suárez’s back, makes him grow. And when Griezmann is well he is a footballer who always improves others. A lo Koke, one of his best friends in the rojiblanco dressing room, the captain.


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