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How many games will be played in World Cup 2022 qualification playoff?

How many games will be played in World Cup 2022 qualification playoff?

12 matches will be played in World Cup 2022 qualification playoff.In addition to the places awarded directly to the winners of the final stage of the qualifiers, there are a number of places at the Qatar World Cup that are subject to play-offs. The Qatar World Cup play-offs can be subdivided into intra-continental play-offs and inter-continental play-offs, depending on the continent to which the opposing teams belong. How will these play-offs work? Let’s find out more about the Qatar World Cup play-offs.
Asia is the continent with the highest number of World Cup play-off matches to be played. Under the rules of World Cup Asian qualifier, the third place team in each group of the third round will first play a two-legged play-off. The winner of this game will not yet qualify directly for the World Cup proper, but will instead have to play an intercontinental play-off against the 5th placed team from South America for a place in next year’s World Cup.
In addition to Asia, the Europe also has a play-off between teams from the same continent. According to the rules, the 55 participating teams in the World Cup European Qualifier  will be divided into 10 groups to play. At the end of the group stage, the top 10 teams will qualify directly for next year’s World Cup, while the second 10 teams will be placed in three groups, along with the two winning teams from the UEFA Nations League, and after two semi-finals and one final, the winning teams from the three groups will qualify for the final three World Cups in Qatar. It should be noted that both the semi-finals and finals of the European play-offs of the World Cup will be single elimination. 
In addition, the fourth-placed team from North America and the Caribbean also has to play an intercontinental play-off match against an Oceania team. Not every World Cup will see a team from Oceania in the tournament, as they only qualify for one intercontinental play-off in each World Cup qualifying round. It is for this reason that the Australia national team, geographically located in Oceania, has made a request to join the AFC in order to qualify for the World Cup in Asia, which has 4.5 World Cup places.


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