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How many goals and assists did Salah complete in Roma?All less than in Liverpool

How many goals and assists did Salah complete in Roma?All less than in Liverpool

Salah completed 34 goals and 54 assists in Roma.Both of these figures are less than what he has accomplished in the 4+ years he has been with Liverpool (142 goals and 54 assists) but for Salah, who has only been with Roma for just under two years, to produce such a tally in 84 appearances is quite a feat.

Those who know Salah will know that the move from Basel to Chelsea in 2014 did not go down well  at that time.So Chelsea had no choice but to send Salah,who was 22-year-old at that time on loan, and the target they chose was Fiorentina in Serie A. After the first loan period, Chelsea soon sent Salah to Roma.Little did anyone think that the former Chelsea outcast Salah would grow up a little at Roma and eventually get Liverpool to bring him to Anfield for a €42 million transfer in 2017. The story that followed is a familiar one, with the former Chelsea outcast making Chelsea regret his performances at Liverpool and becoming the ‘Egyptian Pharaoh’ of the Liverpool supporters.

Salah was awarded the Golden Foot Award this year for his outstanding performances since joining Liverpool and his contribution to Egyptian football. After receiving the award, Salah went to Monte Carlo, Monaco on 29 November to collect his Golden Foot certificate – a piece of gold weighing over 200 grams. In an interview with Sky Sports Italy, Salah mentioned his time in Serie A,said that despite the fact that he just has stayed in Roma for 2 years,this experience really help him as his personal skill improved a lot at that time.


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