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How much is Messi private jet price? Maybe it is hard for a common people to afford

How much is Messi private jet price? Maybe it is hard for a common people to afford

Messi private jet price is £12 million. maybe it is not so much if you compare it with the£20 million private jet of Cristiano Ronaldo,but it is still very hard for a common people to afford if you consider about the average month salary of the working class. So, as a football superstar on par with Cristiano Ronldo, what are the luxuries of Lionel Messi’s private jet that we don’t know about?
Compared to Cristiano Ronaldo ‘s private jet, of which there are only 20 in the world, Lionel Messi’s private jet is slightly different in the way that it is marked by its owner. On the vertical tail of the aircraft is a large number 10, which represents the number Messi wore when he made his name with Barcelona and the Argentine national team. It is a shame that Messi, who has just joined Paris Saint-Germain, has chosen to wear the number 30, but we wonder if the manufacturer of this aircraft will be able to change the number 10 to 30 in the future, and in addition, the name of Messi and his family are emblazoned on each step of the gangway. With such a design, one could really say that the sense of detail is thoroughly pulled together. And Messi’s status is also reflected in these details.
However, to take £12 million from Messi with such a detailed design is clearly thinking too much. After all, if the hardware is not up to scratch, how can it be used by the owner and his family? When it comes to the interior, we have to start with the seats of this private jet. The number of seats in Messi’s private jet can accommodate a total of 16 people at the same time, and if the passengers on board are tired and want to rest, then the 16 seats can also be made into 8 beds. How’s that for technology? The plane also has a galley and two bathrooms, which are perfectly suited to any of Messi’s needs while travelling in the air. This is why the plane has been able to witness many important moments in Messi’s career, including the recent transfer to Paris.


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