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How much is Ralf Rangnick salary in Manchester United? Less than £10 million a year

How much is Ralf Rangnick salary in Manchester United? Less than £10 million a year

Ralf Rangnick salary in Manchester United is almost £8 million.The salary offered by Manchester United to Rangnick is more than twice as much as Rangnick’s salary as sporting director at Lokomotiv Moscow, which reflects the importance United places on the German manager. With Ralf Rangnick’s previous experience at clubs like RB Leipzig in Germany, Ralf Rangnick is indeed qualified to receive such a salary.

But despite the respect given to Rangnick in terms of salary, United’s position of Rangnick is still only an interim coach of the club. This shows that United does not seem to consider Rangnick as a long-term choice for the team’s managerial position, but is still looking for a more suitable coach to lead the team to achieve better results. Although United is not ruling out the possibility of Rangnick staying on after the season, if United wants to keep him, Rangnick needs to accomplish at least two tasks, one is to lead United to top four in the Premier League this season, and the second is to lead United to achieve good results in the UEFA Champions League. To do this, the first thing Ronnyk has to do is to lead his team to overcome the 1/8 final opponent Atletico Madrid.

In the premier league, Rangnick has led Manchester United to play 9 rounds of league matches since his appointment. In these 9 rounds, he has led United to 7 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss. Although United is still not in the top four of the Premier League under his leadership, but only one point away from the 4th place West Ham United, if United plays well in the rest of the season, they still have a chance to qualify for the Champions League next season.


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