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How much was Dario Conca salary in China? A record for Chinese Super League at that time

How much was Dario Conca salary in China? A record for Chinese Super League at that time

Dario Conca salary in china was £170,000 per week.Many Chinese fans who witnessed the scene of Evergrande winning the AFC Champions League for the first time are still impressed by the Argentinean foreign aid, Conca, who was brought in from Brazil n July 2011. When Conca joined Guangzhou Evergrande, the predecessor of Guangzhou, the team was still a promoted team in the Chinese Super League, but the club’s investor Xu Jiayin showed some ambition and put forward the goal of “winning the Chinese Super League in three years and the Asian Champions League in five years”. Two years later, under the command of Italian manager Lippi, Dario Conca formed the trio of Guangzhou Evergrande with Luiz Muriqui and Elkeson ,and won the champion of 2013 AFC champions League.

At that time, Guangzhou Evergrande invested heavily in Dario Conca in order to achieve the ambitious goals of their investor Xu Jiayin, and Conca eventually repaid the club’s trust in him with his abilities. He was also nicknamed the “King of Tianhe Stadium” by Guangzhou Evergrande fans out of love and respect for him.

But after winning the AFC Champions League,Conca began to flit between the Chinese Super League and the Barclays Premier League. He even left Shanghai Seaport in February 2018 to play in the second tier of USAs a free agent and announced the end of his career a few months later. Now, fans can only remember the Argentinean player who set a record for Chinese Super League player salaries by watching footage of him playing in the Premier League in the past.


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