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João Félix: the key to Atlético’s attack in Anfield

João Félix: the key to Atlético’s attack in Anfield

Simeone has handed over the keys to the Atlético attack to João Félix and the Portuguese is convinced that it has to be his time. In his third season (he is still 21 years old) and no one doubts his talent, but many are suspicious of his regularity. Now 7 is one of the leaders and the coach shows him confidence game by game because he is delighted with his attitude on the field, with and without the ball, which was one of his weak points.
When Real went 0-2 this Sunday, Cholo and the players realized that any chance of a comeback passed through the spark of João Félix. The Portuguese moved around the field asking for balls, facing the rivals, receiving grabs … And he gave the assistance of 1-2, a perfect tempered center for Suárez. Simeone did not remove him from the field, as he did in similar situations in other seasons, to the (sometimes undisguised) chagrin of João.
Simeone has always stated that only with quality he is not enough and the forward made that phrase his own. “Without will, talent does not come. We have many examples of very talented players who lacked something to reach the top and I do not want to be one of them …”, explained the player in the previous Chelsea-Atlético in March, which then it would be, in the words of the coach, João’s best performance as a rojiblanco, despite the defeat. And in that the footballer has applied himself, in being constant in all situations.
Partnership with Griezmann, Lemar, Suárez …
Against Liverpool he gave another assist, to Griezmann, and a recital of movements that unhinged Keita. Not only that, but when the team was left with ten he emptied himself as the sole striker. Against Barça he participated in both goals and at no time did Koeman know how to stop him. At San Siro he also added. And now he has Levante ahead. In a week Anfield will motivate him.
Another point in favor is that João Félix gets along with the rest of the attack partners. With Lemar he has a great partnership and against Liverpool it was seen that he can ally perfectly with Griezmann, although his profiles resemble each other. That is why now Simeone works to bring these two stars together with Luis Suárez. The experiment he did against Real Sociedad will continue, as long as the team has “balance”, a key concept for Simeone. In other words, João and Griezmann will have to do their dirty work too. With the French that was never a problem and the Portuguese is involved in the task.
Only the goal is missing
However, João Félix has another pending challenge that must be met. To the good feelings and to his contribution he has to add the goal. The Portuguese has not yet seen the door so far this season, 397 minutes spread over seven games. And he is a footballer with a great definition, so it is a matter of time, because the team generates dangerous situations. He himself warned after Atleti-Barça: “To see the best João, the goal is missing.” Simeone gives him confidence and conveys that this is what he needs from him and the ankle is no longer a problem, so everything is in order to continue seeing João Félix of the last weeks and even an improved version.


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