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Juventus shareholders hold meeting

Juventus shareholders hold meeting

10.30 am Andrea Agnelli takes the field. In the true sense of the word, because the Juventus shareholders’ meeting will technically be held on the pitch of the Allianz Stadium. The stage with the president and managers will in fact be mounted on the portion of land in front of the entrance to the changing room, while the shareholders will sit in the facing Agnelli stand. Ingenious solution to be able to bring shareholders back without running the risks associated with Covid. The indoor halls of the stadium are huge, but they would not have allowed the entry of all the shareholders who wanted to participate. The open-air choice will require a slightly heavier jacket, but allows maximum freedom of participation and farewell to videoconferencing.
There is nothing on the agenda that has been known in recent months. The balance of the 2020-21 season closes with a record red of 209.88 million. The capital increase of 400 million that will be launched is already ready with the consortium of banks made official. As well as changes in the Board of Directors.
What could be new is Andrea Agnelli’s initial speech, which is always a point on the “state of the Juventus union” and a broader vision of the world of football. We will almost certainly talk about the Super League, a subject dear to Agnelli and on which there are interesting movements. Because these weeks the European governments’ positions against a now old Super League project are making noise, while many have not noticed how the news that continues to bounce from abroad has reshaped the competition that UEFA has condemned.
But Agnelli and the management will certainly be pressed on the hottest issues of Juventus. From the farewell of Ronaldo, to the changes of coach, to the market choices, there will be a point to be made on what Juventus have been in the last three years. But also the choices of this summer, with the young turning point that has drastically rejuvenated the team: is that the line of the future? Will he always be so uncompromising? On the other hand, this topic could already be dealt with by Agnelli in his speech in which he will outline the essential points of the business plan underlying the capital increase. It will therefore be an assembly to be followed carefully to understand where Juventus is going.


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