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Luis Enrique: we must win against Sweden

Luis Enrique: we must win against Sweden

Luis Enrique did not trust the team to face the game against Sweden after the victory against Greece. “Of course I think we will have a place in the World Cup on Sunday. I already believed it by going second. We played against a good rival who in theory we he is going to attack more, but we are not going for a draw but for victory. Long live the pressure. On Sunday we will go out to win. We will play the same, pressing and attacking. Our style will be good for the Tival “.
The coach believes that the Spanish victory was fair. “Today I am more ‘happy’. Very happy for everyone, but there is no room for relaxation. In situations like this, victories come very well. We have focused on our game and it has been difficult. We have deserved the victory and the team has been good “It was a control game. They hardly had any chances. We have neutralized their attacking football. We have not defined the few chances we have had. The start of the second half was a bit more imprecise.”
Luis Enrique values the result more than the game. “Like is a difficult word. When you play away looking for a result, against a team like Greece, the good thing is to win. In attitude and behavior they have been good, in interpretation of what I have also said. We have been ambitious, but it is difficult to win. This Greece is better than the one in the first round. The pressure is very good and we won thanks to the intensity of our team. In the second we had to remember at times, but something specific. They are not machines. “
“I thought that the game would be having the ball in the opposite field and it is always interesting to put two forwards on the inside. I know Raúl de Tomás and watching him train I liked it a lot. I have seen him with a perfect attitude and I have thought about putting artillery” .
He praised Gavi’s work. “He is a brown beast, a strong uncle and the blow is not worrisome, it is fine. This team has overcome many difficulties and now we only receive support from the street. The Cartuja will be different from the Eurocup. It has to be hell and that take us on the fly. I remember a game in Seville that was final to qualify for the World Cup. Against Denmark and I never remember the same support. Everything has changed. “


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