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Maignan, two months off. Today is Mirante’s day

Maignan, two months off. Today is Mirante’s day

He tried to save this too, but in the end he gave up: today Mike Maignan will end up under the knife and Milan will lose such a big block of capital for about two months or maybe even more. In front there is a cycle of games that can define the balance of the championship and the future of the Devil in the Champions League: this is why, a moment after realizing that he had to give up his point of reference between the posts, the club ran for cover. . Today, while Maignan will be operated on, Antonio Mirante will undergo medical examinations to become a Milan player: he will sign until June.
THE TROUBLE— The cold shower arrived yesterday afternoon, after the training in which the French goalkeeper did not take part, like the other teammates returning from the national team: “The persistence of a painful symptomatology in Mike Maignan’s left wrist – reads the official Milan press release – requires, after a specialist opinion, an arthroscopy that will be performed tomorrow by Professor Loris Pegoli ”. That pain in his wrist Maignan had been carrying with him since last month’s trip to Liverpool, on the night he had kept the Devil on his feet by saving a penalty from Salah: a blow he remedied in a clash with three players – two English and Theo Hernandez – had made to fear for the exit from the scene already at the interval of Anfield, then Maignan had gritted his teeth and took back his place between the goalposts. The annoyances in the following days had stretched the shadow of doubts until the match at the Stadium with Juve. In the end, Maignan also took the field then, as well as in the following four games, contributing with valuable interventions to the positive results obtained by the Rossoneri. The pain was reduced to a minimum – it could not be otherwise, given that we are talking about the pulse – but it never completely went away. He came back after the spell in the Nations League with France: Maignan did not play (the owner is Lloris), but the pains in his wrist worsened on his return to Italy, making today’s intervention necessary. As happens when you operate under arthroscopy, you will proceed with a diagnostic investigation and then “repair” the damage, but the recovery times will take a long time: you will have to wait from six to ten weeks, depending on the possible involvement of the ligaments . The duration of the stop will in any case be clearly focused only when the operation is finished. Pioli will lose his goalkeeper for a good slice of the season: Maignan will miss thrilling engagements – from the double confrontation with Porto to the match against Roma on 31 October and the derby on 7 November – and the next stop for the national teams will “reduce” loss only relatively: there is a risk that it will reach December.


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