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Messi avoids comparing trios and celebrates closeness with Mbappe:”It was weird at first”

Messi avoids comparing trios and celebrates closeness with Mbappe:”It was weird at first”

As soon as Lionel Messi landed in the French capital, the football world turned to Paris Saint-Germain. In addition to the great reinforcements in other positions , the team would have the most starred trio of today. In the shadows of the lethal combination of that Barcelona of 2014, Messi and Neymar, now alongside Mbappe, are still looking for harmony.
In an interview with the Spanish newspaper “Sport”, the Argentine ace refused to compare the MSN trio (Messi, Suárez and Neymar), considered the best in history, to the recent graduate, but he believes they can achieve the same success.
Luis is another type of 9, with different characteristics from Mbappé. Kylian had been playing for the past few years out of that position. This one, and I don’t remember if the previous one is also playing more than nine. Luis is more of a top scorer than before as a striker. Kylian is more about coming to play, being powerful and killing you with spaces. The truth is that it changes the center forward’s way of being. It is difficult to compare – explained the player.
In the interview, Messi try to avoid the comparison of the trident of MSN in Barcelona with the trios in PSG.He said :“I was lucky to be on that Barcelona trident, which was wonderful, and I hope that with this one we can achieve the same as with the previous one.”
The MNM played six matches together, three wins, two draws and one defeat, swinging the net four times. But the modest performance is also due to international commitments and injuries sustained. Given the growing proximity between the Argentine and the French, the expectation is that the unbeatable team would finally come out of the paper .
When talking about the situation of the trios in PSG,Lionel Messi described the  contradictions of Mbapee and PSG at the beginning of this new season. He said:”With Kylian it was weird at first because we didn’t know if he was going to stay or leave. He had his things. Fortunately, we are getting to know each other more both on and off the field. we get along spectacularly.”


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