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Odegaard: some very sick comments about me on Twitter

Odegaard: some very sick comments about me on Twitter

Martin Odegaard is not going through a good time in sports, accumulating substitutions under Arteta in recent weeks. He has received criticism on social networks for this situation and has made a drastic decision: to delete his Twitter profile. The captain of the Norwegian team had more than 300,000 followers on his account @ martinio98, but as he himself has confirmed to Norwegian television TV2, he has decided to end his stay on this network.
“It was really because I never used it and didn’t need it. I think there’s a lot of shit in general. I don’t need to be there. I probably didn’t update Twitter for a long time, so I thought there was no point in having it, so I just deleted it.” says the Arsenal midfielder.
The Norwegian has an official Facebook page with 2.2 million followers, but it has not been active for almost two years. Thus, his Instagram account, where he accumulates 3.1 million followers, is the only public account that the footballer born in Drammen maintains active today.
Odegaard has an animosity towards Twitter, especially. “There’s just a lot of shit. You have to be a little careful what you put yourself out there. For my part, I don’t need to sit there and look at all those comments. There is a lot of anonymous and very strange. It’s a little scary if not you have your head completely in place, it can influence you a lot, “explains the midfielder.
The Nordic leaves a warning to the young footballers: “Especially I would say to them that it is necessary to be careful not to pay too much attention to this type of thing. It can be very negative for them.” “There have been very sick comments all the time. It is difficult to point out exactly one thing, there have been many things all the time,” Odegaard says.


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