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PSG does not rule out the termination of Sergio Ramos’ contract

PSG does not rule out the termination of Sergio Ramos’ contract

Sergio Ramos , PSG player who just transferred from Real Madrid this summer as a free agent could be living his last hours as a player for the Parisian club. According to information from the French newspaper ‘Le Parisien’, one of the newspapers closest to the club in the French capital, the board is handling the real option to terminate Sergio Ramos’ contract , after continuing with his injury.
“But internally, the trust that some placed in the defender at the time of his signing, or even after his calf injury a few weeks later, is no longer unbreakable today. So much so that the option of contract termination, although It is not on the day’s agenda, it is no longer science fiction, with PSG having integrated the fact that it could have made a mistake in its choice, “reports the French newspaper Le Parisien .
The last hour of the injury of the former Real Madrid captain was told us by Antón Meana on October 29: Sergio Ramos’ injury , related to the soleus of the left leg, is not a serious injury, but it is very annoying. Although the central Paris Saint Germain does not suffer a serious injury, the date of his debut with the Parisian club is still unknown because with minimal effort he could suffer a relapse. 


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