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Roman Abramovich sanctioned by UK, can Chelsea be sold now?

Roman Abramovich sanctioned by UK, can Chelsea be sold now?

As response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Chelsea FC owner Roman Abramovich was sanctioned by the UK government. Prime Minister Boris Johnson said “there can be no safe havens” for those who have supported the invasion. Abramovich is one of seven oligarchs to be hit with fresh sanctions, including asset freezes and travel bans. Chelsea FC cannot sell any more tickets for games, its merchandise shop will be closed, and it will be unable to buy or sell players on the transfer market. It has been issued a special lience that allows fixtures to be fulfilled, staff to be paid and existing ticket holders to attend matches.

Can Chelsea be sold now

According to The Telegraph, if the UK government involved, Chelsea can still be sold. Potential buyers remain interested in the club. The government must be involved in determining the destination of any funds raised. 
It appears that Abramovich has the choice of either handing over a sale to the government or risk holding on to it and potentially watching it lose value as Chelsea’s standing is damaged by his and the club’s inability to conduct regular football business and transactions.


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