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Teams already qualified for 2022 Qatar World Cup

Teams already qualified for 2022 Qatar World Cup

The clock is running out of sand and the first tickets are already being distributed to play the next World Cup in Qatar. In fact, there are several teams that have it assured at this point, while the bulk of the non-European places will be known in the coming months. At that time the repechage of the Old Continent will also be played. The objective is clear: first, to be in the Persian Gulf to accompany the host, Qatar, on November 21, 2022; then lift the Cup on December 18. Only 32 teams will meet, let’s take a look at those that can already breathe easy.
Europe is the continent that contributes the most countries to the tournament, 13, and they are distributed as follows: ten obtain a direct pass by being first in their respective groups. The ten seconds, together with the two best classified in the last Nations League that France raised against Spain, will play a play-off in which only three teams will reach the shore. These are the ones who already have the ticket insured after the conclusion of the initial phase:
South America
The South American qualifiers distribute four and a half places. A unique group of ten teams with a common goal, to be in the top four. The fifth will play his last bullet against the representative of three other confederations. Brazil and its immaculate baggage already have the pass secured, Argentina is ready, but there are several regulars in danger: Colombia is fifth, Uruguay sixth, Peru is seventh … Thus, the momentary list only has one member:
Asia & Oceania
The Asian Football Confederation has an extra place to add to the 4.5 that are distributed by the merits of the qualifying phase, which corresponds to Qatar as host. Those of Félix Sánchez are not having an excessively flattering round of friendlies, but there is still time. Who will accompany them? Nothing is resolved yet. Japan, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Iran or South Korea distribute the largest number of ballots. The fifth in question will beat the copper in the repechage. In Oceania, not counting the Aussies (since 2006 they have played in the AFC), they play half a place to take part in the aforementioned play-off. Classified:
On the African continent, the qualifiers will not be known until March, when the third and final final round will be played. Before, they will have to play the Africa Cup (between January 9 and February 6). Therefore, there is still no selection with any of the five tickets that FIFA has destined for Africa in its pocket. Ten groups of four teams each. Only the first one goes to the final cut and, in March, five roundtrip heats will decide the fate.
The ten qualified for the Playoff are Algeria, Tunisia, Nigeria, Cameroon, Mali, Egypt, Ghana, Senegal, Morocco and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. They are seeded Algeria, Senegal, Morocco, Nigeria and Tunisia.
Concacaf has two great teams that, although they still do not have the mathematical ticket, everything indicates that they will achieve it: the United States and Mexico. It is, by chance, the confederation with a more placid ranking. They distribute three and a half places (the fourth goes to playoffs) for the eight teams that entered the final round: United States, Mexico, Canada, Panama, Costa Rica, Jamaica, El Salvador and Honduras. At the moment, there is no safe place, but the first three command the classification.


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