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What is Arsene Wenger current job?Not a football coach but is quite important as well

What is Arsene Wenger current job?Not a football coach but is quite important as well

Arsene Wenger current job is FIFA’s chief of global football development.Arsene Wenger,who was born on 22nd October 1949 in Strasbourg was known by all fans of Arsenal for winnning Three Premier League titles, seven  FA Cups and six  Community Shields betwwen 1986 to 2018.In those 22 years,it is fair to say that he has given everything he has to Arsenal FC, and it was certainly not easy for Wenger to achieve this in an era when United boss Alex Ferguson was just starting to build his own empire.

After the 2017/2018 Premier League season, Arsene Wenger left Arsenal, the club he had worked for for 22 years. Despite constant criticism from fans during his final years in charge, Wenger has to be considered one of Arsenal’s best managers in recent years when combined with their current results. After laying down the reins, Wenger began working for FIFA in November 2019, hoping to use his lifelong talent to develop world football in a better way. It was under this background that Wenger came up with the idea of changing the World Cup, which is held every four years, to a biennial tournament. But this unconventional proposal was met with a lot of scepticism from the day it was first introduced to the public.

Although he is no longer coaching,the current job of Wenger is meaningful as well.In the meantime, Wenger has been advised to choose a national team to coach, but Wenger’s answer to this is that he may coach a national in the future,but he doesn’t want to quit in the halfway through his current involvement in the FIFA project.


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