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What is Ferran Torres salary? How can Barcelona afford him?

What is Ferran Torres salary? How can Barcelona afford him?

Barcelona had reached a deal with Manchester City to sign Ferran Torres in £47 million despite the Catalans’ financial troubles. The Spain international will join Xavi’s side in January. On Wednesday, the two clubs finalized the terms after several weeks of negotiations.

What is Current Ferran Torres salary?

In August, 2020, Ferran Torres joined from Valencia to Manchester City. He signed a 5-year £12,000,000 contract with Manchester City, including an annual average salary of £2,400,000. In 2021, his base salary is £2,400,000.
City believe that £6m of those will be triggered almost immediately, while they will bank up to £8.5m if Torres is sold by Barca in the future.

How can Barcelona afford him?

Barcelona’s financial woes with £508 million debts have been well documented. It is reported that Barcelona received half a billion euros from investment bank Goldman Sachs to fund this deal, however, the issues lie with La Liga’s own financial fair play rules and spending limit, which they are far exceeding. Barca have to focus on offloading players from their first-team to meet La Liga’s financial fair play rules.


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