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what job did messias do 4 years ago?It is a truely inspiring stroy

what job did messias do 4 years ago?It is a truely inspiring stroy

Messias was a delivery man 4 years ago.Messias emigrated to Italy in 2011, when he was 20 years old. He initially had to work part-time to make ends meet, working as an appliance delivery man in Turin and hanging out on wild pitches.
He hen joined the amateur football team of the owner of the freight company, and after four years of playing in the amateur league, Messias finally met his match in 2015: former Italian player Ezio Rossi, who was coaching Casale in the Italian fifth division at the time, invited Messias to join his team after seeing him in action on the wild pitch.
However, Casale were still in the amateur league and could not offer him a professional contract, so he turned down Rossi’s offer: “I’m sorry sir, but playing football is too little money and I’d rather remain a delivery boy. I have a wife and a child to support in Brazil and I earn €1,200 a month as a delivery boy, it’s just too risky to play football full-time.”
It was Rossi who later convinced his boss to offer Messias a salary of €1,500 before he finally joined the team.
But in order to have more income, Messias was still working as a delivery boy while playing football until 2017.
Although we don’t know how far Messias will go in top-level football at the age of 30, who wouldn’t love such a grassroots comeback story? I believe it will help more footballers to continue to believe in their dream and to do their best for the football they love.


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