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When did Sergio Aguero and messi friendship started? A remarkable friendship lasted for 16 years

When did Sergio Aguero and messi friendship started? A remarkable friendship lasted for 16 years

Sergio Aguero and messi friendship started in 2005.Here is an interesting story about their first meeting:Aguero, who had never heard of the surname “Messi” before, asked Messi to repeat his name when he introduced himself, a gesture that amused him. The two became friends in this way,and cooperated to get the champion of 2005 FIFA U-20 World Cup.In the final, Aguero earned a penalty for Messi to scored a decisive goals.Three years later, the pair won gold at the Beijing Olympics together.

In 2010, Messi and Aguero played for Argentina for the first time in the World Cup, only to lose in the quarter-finals to a more experienced German team. Four years later, when the Argentinian team had finally reached the final and were one step closer to winning the Cup, they were once again defeated by Germany. Anyone else would have been disheartened and doubted themselves, but not for Aguero. His choice was to believe in the team and in his old friend Lionel Messi. Even if he had been reduced to being a wingman or even a substitute next to Messi, even if Argentina were knocked out of the tournament by France in Russia 2018 despite scoring themselves.
However, during their club careers, Messi and Aguero have gone in different directions, just like the characters in the cartoon “Go Left, Go Right” by the painter Guimi. But this year, Aguero finally made up his mind to leave Manchester City and join his old friend Lionel Messi in Barcelona. But who would have thought that fate would play another joke on them, for heaven’s sake! Why are you so cruel? Did you not see the bond between these two old Argentine boys, who are over 30 years old?
But even so, Aguero has not complained about Barca. On the contrary, he was still working on his fitness and patiently waiting for the next opportunity to meet his old friend Lionel Messi. However, the heavens were still not kind to him and Aguero was unable to wait for his old friend Messi, but instead waited for the day when he announced his retirement at the age of 33.


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