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When will 2022 FIFA World Cup draw happen? 7 months before the first match start

When will 2022 FIFA World Cup draw happen? 7 months before the first match start

2022 FIFA World Cup draw will happen on 1st April 2022.According to FIFA’s announcement in October 2021, the draw for the 2022 Qatar World Cup will take place on April 1, 2022 in Doha, Qatar. At that time, the qualifying rounds for each continent will be completed and all the other 31 teams will be selected, except for the host Qatar. After the draw, the 32 participating teams will also play in the World Cup next year according to the results of the draw.
When it comes to the World Cup draw ceremony, then we have to mention the draw process must follow a set of seemingly somewhat complex draw rules. So next, We will come to explain these rules in detail for you, so that you can better understand the whole process of drawing lots for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.
Before the draw begins, the 32 teams will be divided into four grades from the first to the fourth according to the latest FIFA national team ranking before the World Cup, with a total of eight teams in each grade. The hosts, Qatar, will automatically occupy position A1, while the remaining seven seeded teams will be assigned to positions B1 to H1 in the draw.

After the seeding draw is completed, the rest of the work is to assign the second to fourth ranked teams to each group in turn. However, unlike the first-tier draw, the second through fourth-tier teams will need to draw an additional lottery to determine their placement in the group. This means that the second-tier teams may not necessarily be in A2-H2, but may also be in A3-H3 or A4-H4. The difference in position will determine the order in which the teams will play their opponents in the group stage. Among them, the hosts Qatar will play the team that drew A2 in the opening match.
In addition to the above rules, in order to avoid teams from the same continent being eliminated due to early meetings, the World Cup group stage draw has a special rule, that is, except for teams from Europe, the rest of the continents can not be in the group stage group draw in the same continent in the case of two teams appearing in the same group. However, the European teams in each group can only have a maximum of two teams. Therefore, when there are three European teams or two teams from other continents in the World Cup group stage draw, the drawn team will have to jump to the next group. For example, if Group B already has two teams, Germany and Portugal, Poland will end up in Group C if it is drawn to be in Group B. Similarly, if there is already a Brazil national team in Group B, then Colombia will also jump into Group C if they need to enter Group B.


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