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When will the current contract of Courtois expired?

When will the current contract of Courtois expired?

The current contract that Belgian goalkeeper Courtois signed with Real Mardid will be expired on June 30th 2026. At that time, Courtois, who is the first choice to stand before the goal line of Belgian national team will be 34 years old. However, as many excellent goalkeepers such as Buffon and Neuer still play on that age, Courtois could also play for Real Madrid at that time.

In August 2018, Courtois transferred from Chelsea to Real Madrid with 35 million euros. As Courtois commited various low- level faults when paying for Chelsea,a large number of fans don’t support what Real Madrid at that time. But Courtois successfuilly changed the first impression of those fans at last with his spotless performance in Real Madrid. In season 2019/2020,Courtois helped Real Madrid to win the 34th La Liga champion in the history of this team and won Zamora Trophy(A Trophy set to award the best goalkeeper in a single season of La Liga) for the third time with 18 clean sheets in 34 appearances in this season.

Courtois’s performance makes leaders of Real Madrid feel very excited and prove that the transfer happened in August 2018,when was just a month after 2018 World Cup ended as well as Courtois won the third place of this event with his teammates of Belgian national team was not a meaningless transaction in the history of Real Madrid.As a reward, Real Madrid decided to extend Courtois’s contract to 2026 on the summer of 2021.


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