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Which city will host AFC Asian Cup 2023 final? It is the city which has hosted 2008 Olympic Games

Which city will host AFC Asian Cup 2023 final? It is the city which has hosted 2008 Olympic Games

AFC Asian Cup 2023 final will host in Beijing China.On 7 January 2021, the 2023 Asian Cup Organising Committee announced that the 2023 Asian Cup will be played in 10 world-class professional football stadiums in 10 cities in China – Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Chengdu, Chongqing, Xi’an, Dalian, Qingdao, Xiamen and Suzhou. As the capital of China and the city which has hosted  2008 Olympic Games,Beijing will host the final of the 2023 Asian Cup. The two finalists will compete for the tournament’s title at the Beijing Workers’ Stadium, home of Chinese Super League team Beijing Guoan. The stadium is currently undergoing conservation redevelopment.

In order to meet the needs of the Asian Cup competition, the renovation project aims to transform the Beijing Workers’ Stadium, which was originally used as a sports complex, into a professional football stadium capable of hosting Asian Cup matches. One of the most obvious changes is the removal of the stadium’s circular track, bringing spectators closer to the matches. At the same time, the stadium’s original two-tier ‘disc’ stands will be transformed into a four-tier ‘bowl’ stand. The increase in the slope of the stands will give spectators a wider view and increase the total number of seats in the stadium to 68,000.
In terms of the core facilities of a professional football stadium, the turf of the renovated stadium has also undergone significant changes compared to the previous one. According to Song Peng, deputy general manager of CCH Beijing worker stadium, the turf at the Beijing Workers Stadium will no longer use the natural turf used in the past, but will be laid with the anchor grass system that is now widely used in the home stadiums of top European football teams. This facility will also enable the Beijing Workers’ Stadium to meet the standards of a world-class professional football stadium in terms of both hardware and equipment.
While following the traditional design and striving to modernise the appearance of the stadium, the stadium will also undergo significant upgrades in terms of service and accessibility. In terms of service, the stadium will no longer just be a football stadium for fans to watch sporting matches, but will be a multi-functional consumer carrier that combines sport, shopping, leisure, culture and entertainment. At the same time, other areas around the stadium will be used for the construction of a 130,000 square metre urban sports park and a 30,000 square metre lake area, providing a convenient and comfortable place for the public to exercise in their daily fitness routine as well as to relax in their leisure time. This is also the case in the construction of some of Europe’s top football stadiums. In terms of accessibility, the high-speed, high-capacity metro lines 3 and 17, which are currently under construction, will intersect at the stadium, which will significantly improve the traffic organisation around the venue.


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