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Why Schweinsteiger has a nickname called “piggy”? The original of the nickname is quite interesting

Why Schweinsteiger has a nickname called “piggy”?  The original of the nickname is quite interesting

If you considered Schweinsteiger as your idol and is deeply attracted by his  perfect body figure, you may probably know that Schweinsteiger has a lovely nickname called piggy.However, few of aficionados can exactly understand the original of his nickname.Therefore, here we would like to tell you how the funny nickname of Schweinsteiger comes from?

Indeed,many pepole who like to watch the match of FC Bayern Munich and Germany national team enthusiastically has an thought that the nickname of Schweinsteiger has a strong connection with his style on the pitch. If you have the same idea like this,you might have to acquire the following knowledge conscientiously.

If you want to understand why Schweinsteiger was called “piggy“,you can search for his surname ” Schweinsteiger”in a dictionary of German.In ancient German,the meaning of the word “Schwein” has a strong connection with pig,which is a domesticcated animal we can see frequently in our daily life, and the word “steig” was  used for describing a place where a kind of animal live. Therefore, the completely meaning of the well-known Gernan defend middle fielder is a person who comes form where a kind of pigs which can see  in the mountain area lives.For this reason,aficionados of Germany national team like to called Bastian Schweinsteiger as “piggy”.

Schweinsteiger was an original product of the youth trainning camp of FC Bayern Munich,on November 2002, he became a member of the first team of FC Bayern Munich.After this, Scheweinsteiger helped FC Bayern Munich to win 8 champions of BundesLiga and champion of 2012/2013 UEFA Champions League.As a member of Germany national team,Schweinsteiger took part in FIFA World Cup for 3 times and won the fourth champion of World Cup in 2014.


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