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How much is Staples Center capacity?Let’s learn about it in detail together

How much is Staples Center capacity?Let’s learn about it in detail together

Staples Center capacity is 20000 seats.As a well known home arena which is owned by Los Angeles Lakers and Los Angeles Clippers,Staples Centers has 20000 seats which can used in concerts and can be adjusted to 18,997 seats when having a basketball matches.Although less than 20,000 fans are allowed in the arena for basketball games, the unique design of the court ensures that the fans’ voices are heard in every corner of the court.Therefore, when Los Angeles Lakers and Los Angeles Clippers are playing in this arena, the atmosphere in this arena It is enough to make every opponent feel shocked.
In this sacred home, the Los Angeles Lakers have written their own glorious history. It witnessed the triple crown of the “OK team”, witnessed the magic Kobe brave cut 81 points, and now it has witnessed the re-emergence of the Lakers.The 17 Lakers championship banners and the retired jerseys of several greats in the team’s history, including Kobe, are enough to enchant everyone who walks into this basketball shrine  joins the group of basketball fans who are shouting madly.

In addition to serving two crosstown teams, the Los Angeles Lakers and the Los Angeles Clippers, Staples Center has also brought two gala events to eSports fans around the world in 2013 and 2015.In these 2 years,Korean professional eSports player Faker and his club SKT T1 won both the champion of League Of Legends World Championship.It is the first NBA arena to hold League Of Legends World Championship.


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