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Kobe Bryant’s wife Vanessa will receive 400 million euros from his business

Kobe Bryant’s wife Vanessa will receive 400 million euros from his business

Kobe Bryant’s legacy continues to bring benefits to his family as the two years have passed since his tragic helicopter accident. His wife Vanessa continues to try to recover from that hard blow with her daughters, and in the last hours she has received excellent news that makes his heritage grow. If Kobe was characterized by something, it was because he knew how to invest his wealth very well, and precisely thanks to those actions today his family has received a total of 400 million euros.
He invested six million since 2014
BodyArmor was one of the companies in which the former NBA player invested part of his fortune and which, in recent days, has dominated the market. It has been known that Coca-Cola has decided to buy this brand of energy drinks paying more than 4,000 million euros, which has come as excellent news to the environment of Kobe Bryant, who owned 10% of the aforementioned company.
For this reason, more than 400 million euros correspond to the former Los Angeles Lakers player and, therefore, to his wife Vanessa. It is not the first time that Coca-Cola has set its business sights on this brand, since they already owned 15%, going on to acquire the remaining 85% to take over the entire company for a total of 4,837 million euros and face, in this way, its main competition, Pepsico, who has a similar brand called Gatorade.
In this way, the Bryants benefit from the largest purchase in history by Coca-Cola, with which they manage to increase their fortune. It was in 2014 when Kobe Bryant decided to become an investor in this brand, although his participation was progressive until it reached 10%, which made him the second largest shareholder behind the company. At that time he paid a total of 6 million dollars, which has been multiplied more than this with this historic sale.
Vanessa Bryant herself wanted to celebrate it on her social networks: “Congratulations Daddy !!! You have achieved it !! Always one step ahead. I am very proud of everything you have achieved. I wish you were here to celebrate it You deserve all the credit for this. You are still great. I love you forever. “


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