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What is Mike Budenholzer win rate in Bucks? Having won 187 times in 265 games.

What is Mike Budenholzer win rate in Bucks? Having won 187 times in 265 games.

Mike Budenholzer win rate in Bucks is 70.6%.In his four years at the helm of the Bucks, Budenholzer has won 187 games in the 286 games he has played in those four years.After graduating from Pomona College in 1993, Budenholzer offered himself up to NBA great Gregg Popovich as a video analyst in order to learn from his experience. But what no one would have guessed was that Budenholzer was not paid for his work, not even a ticket to the game. However, when Popovich left the Golden States Warriors for the San Antonio Spurs, one of the two he took with him was Budenholzer, which shows that Popovich trusts him enough.
In his 19th year under Popovich, Budenholzer finally had his first experience as a head coach of a team. on May 28, 2013, Mike Budenholzer became the 12th head coach in Atlanta Hawks history. 2 years later, he became the fifth head coach in NBA league history to also serve as a team executive. In his five seasons with the Hawks, Budenholzer won 213 of his 410 games, a 52% winning percentage. Although it didn’t bring the Hawks a championship, it laid a solid foundation for him to become a championship coach afterwards.
The story that followed should be very clear to everyone, as Budenholzer left the Hawks to become head coach of the Bucks. On the morning of 21 July 2021 Beijing time in that Game 6 of the Finals that drove all Bucks fans crazy, Budenholzer led the team to win last season’s NBA championship with a 4-2 aggregate score, arguably the crowning moment of his coaching career. However, after that joy and the difficulties of the early part of the season, Budenholzer’s goal for 2022 is already very much in place – to lead the Bucks to another trophy.


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