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What is the longest winning streak in a single season in NBA history

What is the longest winning streak in a single season in NBA history

The longest winning streak in a single season in NBA history.This record was created by the Los Angeles Lakers in the 1971/72 season, and still no team has been able to break this record, including the Warriors who set a new NBA record for the most regular season wins in a single season, which is proof that this record is somehow valuable.

In this period, the Lakers with stars such as Chamberlain, West, Goodrich, and Baylor had reached the finals seven times, but had never been able to collect their own championship trophy. After losing to the Jabbar-led Bucks in season 1970-1971, Jack Cook, the owner at the time, decided to change the Lakers. He fired the team’s original head coach, Marani, and later hired Celtics legend Bill Sharman as the team’s head coach.
At that time, the relationship between the Lakers and the Celtics is just like a pair of deadly many players are unhappy with such a decision. However, how could the players openly oppose the owner’s decision? However, this decision proved to be successful, starting with a 134-90 victory over the Hawks on January 7, 1972, the Lakers won 33 straight games and eventually won the championship that season. Perhaps, this is a real case of the phrase “no break through, no gain”.

Since this is the first championship after the Lakers moved to Los Angeles, so as the Lakers have become a 17-time NBA champion after the 2020/21 season, and have produced stars such as Jabbar, “Magic “Elvin Johnson” and Kobe Bryant, the 1971/1972 season is still a fond memory that will not be forgotten by all older Lakers fans.


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