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Which NBA player is the original of Hanamichi Sakuragi?This is all you want to know

Which NBA player is the original of Hanamichi Sakuragi?This is all you want to know

Hanamichi Sakuragi, who is the main charcter of distinguished Japanese basketball cartoon Slam Dunk is based on NBA player Dennis Rodman. As an forward on the pitch who got NBA champion for 5 times and the best assistant of Michael Jordan,Dennis Rodman had a little knowlege about basketball when he was 19 years old. A true story about Rodman when he was 19 years old is that he always falied to throw the ball into basket by layup,because of this,he couldn’t get so much opportunities in the basketball team when studied in high school.
However, the relationship between Dennis Rodman and basketball was not ended because of this. In 1982,he was introduced to a basketball coach of a college in Texas by a good friend of his family member.In season 1982/1983,Dennis Rodman was able to get 17.6 points as well as 13.3 rebounds per game,but as his performance in academic was so poor,he was dropout by this college and had no choice but transferred to South-eastern Oklahoma State University.

At this new place, Rodman’s performance on the pitch drew the attention of a NBA team,which is Detroit Pistons, a basketball team which Rodman contributed all of himself for 8 years and won 2 NBA champion. Though he won 2 NBA champion here,under the guide of Bill Laimbeer,his performance on the pitch was not so soptless.After broke up with the new leaders of Detroit Pistons in 1994,Rodman was sent to San Antonio Spurs.Here, Dennis Rodman became the biggest trouble and was sacked after Spurs lost to Houston Rockets in season 1994/95.

Who can cooperate with the bad-temper guy well? Chicago Bulls gave out their answer, in Chicago Bulls, under the coach of Zen Master Phil Jackson, Rodman can show all his talent on winning the rebounds  out and then assist Michael Jordan to score for their team.With the help of  Dennis Rodman, Michael Jordan as well as Scottie Pippen,Chicago Bulls built up their own kingdom in 1990s NBA history.After leaving Chicago Bulls at season 1997/1998,Dennis Rodman serviced for two NBA teams , Los Angeles Lakers and Dallas Mavericks, and then retired on March 8th 2000.

If you compared Hanamichi Sakuragi with Dennis Rodman,you can find out many commons both on their talents in winning the rebounds and their personality.However, why Rodman has a personality like this has a strong connection with his unlucky life in the childhood.He was born in a needy family in New Jersey and grew up in Dallas,his father left his family when Rodman was young.Therefore,his mother had to raise up Rodman and other 3 childrens by his own.


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