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Which team is Rockets’opponent when McGrady got 13 points in 35 seconds?

Which team is Rockets’opponent when McGrady got 13 points in 35 seconds?

Spurs is Rockets’opponent when Mcgrady got 13 points in 35 seconds.The regular season NBA game between the host Rockets and the visiting Spurs was in full swing at the Toyota Center  in Houston on December 10, 2004, Beijing time. The Spurs, with the famous trio of Duncan, Parker and Ginobili, were still leading the Rockets with 35 seconds left in the game. Just when everyone thought the game was out of reach, an amazing man stepped up. That’s right, that man was Tracy McGrady.

With just 35 seconds remaining, McGrady hit three consecutive three-points throws and a difficult 3+1 to help the Rockets beat the Spurs in the most unlikely ways. When the final whistle blew, the 16,170 fans at Toyota Center who had the privilege of witnessing amazing happened and the Rockets players shouted and celebrated, while Spurs player Devin Brown stood there frozen as if he had just experienced a nightmare.In the nearly 20 years since then, numerous new generation players have tried to pay tribute to McGrady by replicating the 35-second, 13-point miracle , but none of them have been able to do so. For this reason, this miracle moment, named after McGrady, has become one of the top 10 hardest miracles to replicate in NBA history.

It is for having accomplished this miracle in NBA history that will be difficult for future generations to replicate that McGrady still holds a high place in the hearts of NBA fans, despite never having won a championship due to frequent injuries.Although McGrady has been retired for many years now, Rockets fans still get excited about the “T-Mac moment” every time they talk about it. We wish McGrady all the best in his post-retirement life.


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